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Welcome to FLTC

FLTC is a company with a long term perspective - perpetuity.

Its primary objective is to enhance the safety of fishermen in UK waters by ensuring the provision of information about oil and gas related sea bed structures which might affect fishing.

FLTC'S secondary objective is to support projects which help preserve the UK fishery or help manage issues relating to oil and gas infrastructure after decommissioning or cessation of activities.

The company is registered in Scotland and has charitable status. Its members or shareholders are Oil and Gas UK, the Scottish Fishermen's Federation and the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations .Building on their long standing and close relationship members are working together in what is believed to be the first company in the world formed to provide in perpetuity information for fishermen about oil and gas structures.

Thank you for visiting this site and please contact FLTC if you wish to help us or to learn more about our activities.

New FLTC Group Videos

The first video "FLTC - Group So Far" gives an overview of the Group and its activities since FLTC was established in 2007.

The second video "FLTCS - FishSAFE" provides information about the FishSAFE Companion App which has been launched and can be downloaded for Android tablet devices via the Google Play Store.

Just Search for "FishSafe" in the app stores and hit the download button and a version for Apple devices is available in Apple App store.

The videos below show how the app works

FLTCS - Fish Safe from AVC Media on Vimeo.

FLTC - Group So Far from AVC Media on Vimeo.



Latest News

FishSAFE In The News

29 January 2015

Articles about the new FishSAFE Companion App have appeared on TV, newspapers and websites all around the world. At the latest count, the story...

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FLTC Group Videos Now Available

29 January 2015

At a Reception held at the Sir Duncan Rice Library University of Aberdeen on 20 January 2015 guests watched two videos about the FLTC Group. The...

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FishSAFE Companion App Launched

21 January 2015

On 20 January 2015 the FishSAFE Companion App was launched at a Reception held at The Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen. The...

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FLTC Reception 20 January 2015

23 December 2014

On 20th January 2015 a Reception will be held at the University of Aberdeen to mark 7 years of the FLTC Group's operations since its formation in...

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Fourth Payment for the Endowment Fund

16 December 2014

On 31 October FLTC received from CNR International (UK) Limited a payment relating to the Murchison Platform following approval by DECC for...

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FLTC Support Life Saving Project

18 July 2013

FLTC Support Life Saving Project FLTC are delighted to support a project developed by the Scottish Fishermen's Federation and the Scottish...

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Endowment Fund Receipt

13 November 2012

The Endowment Fund set up by FLTC has received a boost from BP who have made a payment for their interest in the Miller Platform. The Endowment...

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FLTC Endowment Fund Established

22 February 2011

FLTC was set up in August 2007 and since then has been financed by working capital provided by a loan from Oil and Gas UK. The FLTC Business Plan...

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FLTC Forum

18 June 2009

Forum for oil and gas and fishing industries builds on collaboration to improve mariners' safety The FLTC welcomed thirty-five senior...

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