Derogations so far

The initial six installations that have already received OPRED approval a Brent platform operated by Shell for decommissioning programmes with derogation from OSPAR 98/3, are NW Hutton and the Miller platform, operated by BP, Frigg MCP01, operated by Total a Brent platform operated by Shell, and the Murchison and Ninian North platforms operated by CNR International.

In each case the operators of those platforms made a payment to FLTC to support the company’s activities.

Several other installations and pipelines have been identified to be likely to apply for OSPAR derogation due to their size and difficulty in removing safely. In total there is the potential for up to:

  • at least 9 concrete platforms, between now and 2029
  • at least 31 large steel platforms, between now and 2035
  • at least 5300km of pipelines

The lis is far from exhaustive and is kept under review.

New version of FishSAFE unit

The much enhanced latest version of the FishSAFE unit are now available. This version includes substantial improvements to provide fishermen with the benefit of a state of the art aid to safety. Previous versions of the unit have proved invaluable with sales of over 300. The European Union and the Scottish Government have awarded grants to support the project.