The Board

The Boards determine the strategy of FLTC and FLTCS and monitor implementation of that strategy. The Boards permit each Director nominated by a Founding Member to bring one observer from his organisation to attend and, on invitation, be heard at Board meetings, but not to participate in voting. This is intended to promote wider exposure of Company decision making within member organisations.

An independent Chairman of the Boards has been appointed (and may be removed) by the Directors. That appointment is reviewed every two years and, after a vote of the Directors (confirmed by the Founding Members) the Chairman will be re-appointed for a further period or replaced. The Chairman has a vote but only when the Directors’ votes are equal.

OPRED provides an observer of Board proceedings by invitation from the Boards. The role of the OPRED observer is to provide advice when appropriate, but the observer does not have a vote. The observer also assists in:

  • Decision making associated with regulatory compliance
  • Transparency of process, funding and expenditure
  • Linkage with other government departments.

Fishing Safely in Changing European Waters 2016 – 2019

Provision of FishSAFE Information forms part of this project which will enhance the safety of fishermen, reduce the risk of damage to fishing vessels and the risk of harm to the environment. The European Union and the Scottish Government have awarded grants to support the project.
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